Monday, September 22

Time Off

I think J just asked if I will be resuming trading and posting anytime soon. 

Answer's "no".  I shut down after I realized I was getting into trades for the sole purpose of keeping my mind occupied. 

With no active trades to distract me, I have been able to focus on what a lousy guardian I had been to my 2 cats who passed. And that has allowed me to fall quite deep into depression, which I have managed to sleep over day after day.

My way of wiping the slate clean. 

On an unrelated note, I found out that besides being autistic, I am also bipolar. Ha.

I am likely to resume trading and posting in the beginning of next year. 

@Sean: You speak my mind :-)

@Ed: Supplements didn't help me. Real food did :-) Glad to hear from you.

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Thursday, July 31

Trades 7/31 (Thurs)

GC 5min
I was telling D yesterday that my charts were all acting weird the whole day, and I felt pressured to get out of a trade that was going my way too fast shortly after GC and the FX markets opened. It was then that D told me it was crazy FOMC day. 

History taught me post-FOMC is not much fun either, and I would be better off staying out during the Asia and Europe sessions. But I traded anyway. It was a bad decision, and I needed my last trade to work to end the day blue. My focus was no longer on my target, and that had cost me a few points. That said, I am glad that I didn't give chase. A Chinese saying reminds me that if I get greedy, I could end up very poor.  

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Trades 7/30 (Wed)

GC 5min

CL 5min
AUD 5min

I think I am going through mid-life crisis. 

Nothing makes me happy. 

I kept thinking that if only we could move back to our previous apartment once the tenants are out a year from now, that might make me happy.

Or if D would ask successfully for a permanent posting to Hong Kong or Canada where all our friends are, that would definitely make me very, very happy.

Or if I had a baby, or a normal job outside of home, I just might be too occupied to think about whether I am happy...

All said, I don't think I am programmed to be happy, whatever "happy" means.

"Busy" is good enough for me for now.

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Wednesday, July 30

Trades 7/28 and 7/29

Exactly 6 months after D's mother flew home to LA for good, life is finally starting to feel like the one I had before hell broke lose in June 2012 with her touching down in Singapore.

In the time that her ladyship was here, I lost two of the things I love the most in my entire life, turned vegan, and nearly went bonkers.

I quit vegan-ism early this month after nearly dying from malnutrition, managed to put back some weight, and am starting to look like myself again.

Luke has been with us for more than 2 months now. I haven't a clue what he will grow up to be like, and that's a first for me. He is turning out to be the most affectionate cat I've ever had, and I'm so glad I brought him home. 

I am making my best effort to be at peace with Keish and Alberto's leaving me before I was ready to say good-bye.

Everything in His time.

I closed my 6A short (entered in February this year) last week, took a loss of more than USD 3000, and slept well for the first time in months.

My first day-trades since February:

CL 5min

GC 5min

@ Aaron: yes, you can send me a private mail at

@ Lonely: a girl is allowed to whine :-P
I'm a Christian. Thought you knew?

@ Sean: Thank you for the touching note.
You asked:
--if I ignore news
Yes, I ignore news altogether. 
--if I base my judgment on certain candle patterns
Not entirely, since specific patterns don't "work on" all symbols and across all time-frames. For intraday charts, I find candlestick patterns frequently unreliable. That said, I have always used only candles (I am not able to read bar charts).
--if I watch several symbols, and wait patiently for a good setup in one, rather than just focusing on one thing every day
Yes, I watch up to 5 symbols at most, and wait IMpatiently for my preferred setup to show :-)
--if you should come to Singapore to look for Mr. Michael Woo
I am not sure that you will find Mr Woo. He has not been responding even to my texts and I am actually starting to get really worried about him.
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